Digital Convenience To Help With Your Analog Animals

To help you manage your pet's veterinary care in a way most convenient for you, we've partnered with PetDesk to offer an app you can use 24/7 to manage your pet's care:

  • Request appointments

  • Confirm or cancel appointments

  • Sync appointments to your calendar

  • Set up reminder notifications to give medications or treatments

  • Request medication refills

  • Access your pet’s vaccine records

  • Email your pet’s vaccine records (to a kennel, daycare, etc.)

  • Upload photos of your pets

  • Save and keep track of notes and information on your pets, including birthday, weight, diet, microchip number, etc.

  • Manage your settings for how you receive our notifications via email or text

You can also call or email and we'll be happy to help with any of these. You chose what's best for you.