State-Of-The-Art Technology To Diagnose The State-Of-Your-Pet

Good diagnosis is driven by experience and good information. So we've invested the talent and technology to bring you the best diagnosis possible to help you make the best decisions in the care of your pet.

Our experienced doctors use our state-of-the-art digital x-ray system, ultrasound and traditional x-ray to understand your pet's health. We also have a Board Certified Radiologist as part of our extended team to bring advanced diagnostic capabilities when necessary.

We have advanced ultrasound equipment in-house to facility fast diagnosis. Ultrasound is non-invasive, painless and is often better than x-rays for diagnosing many conditions such as swallowed foreign objects, tumors and for viewing and evaluating the functioning of internal organs to detect diseases without surgery. Ultrasound can also help with early detection of pregnancy and facilitate fetal monitoring later in gestation.

Our well-trained and compassionate nursing staff will carefully handle your pet during radiology procedures. You can even be sent home with a CD copy of your radiograph if you’d like.