Dr. Dayna Willems, Medical Director

Dr. Dayna Willems, Medical Director


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Medical Director

Dr. Willems earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from the prestigious Texas A&M University after completing her Biomedical Science degree. Dedicated and compassionate, Dr. Willems has special interests in preventative care, emergency medicine, surgery, and especially exotic animal medicine. She is a well-known reptile enthusiast active in the local reptile community.

A Texas native, Dr. Willems and her family have a BIG animal family including...dogs Parker and Hogarth, kitties Izzy & Pangur Ban; box turtles Callie, Hallie,  Emmy, Oona, Tripp, Dash, Ava, Abigail, Olive, Fig, Sage, Spot, Bonnie, Betty, Bessie, Beth, Raisin, Bebop, Lola, Pirate; tortoises Scarlet and Rhett; axolotl Ariel; Oscar the chameleon; Franklynn the iguana; leopard geckos Mesa, Tuscon, and Sedona; Kingsnake Noodle; Crested Gecko Taco; day gecko Taquito; 6 cinnamon tree frogs, and a handful of fish. Almost all of her pets are rescues.

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