Traveling or moving to another country with your pet? We can help.

International travel or moving abroad can be a stressful experience and requirements for pet travel change drastically depending on destination. If a step is missed or a document is incorrectly filled out your pet could be subjected to lengthy quarantine or rejected completely and sent back to the United States.

Aurora Animal Hospital is experienced with international travel requirements and can help make your trip or move as smooth as possible. We can walk you through the entire process and verify which documents, vaccinations, testing, and treatments are needed for your pet to be eligible for travel and minimize or avoid quarantine where possible. Our team includes multiple Accredited Veterinarians, meaning they have undergone additional training qualifying them to complete interstate and international health documentation for dogs, cats, and small mammals. Dr. Willems is accredited for all species, including birds, where destination allows.

Some countries require lengthy pre-importation requirements so if you know that you will be traveling with your pet please contact us as soon as possible to start the process. Visit the USDA APHIS website to research the official travel requirements needed for your pet:

Please call us at 303-680-7305 or email Us About INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL CERTIFICATES

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