Be Smart About Dogs

As you know, we take dog safety seriously, particularly when it comes to teaching kids how to be safe around dogs they don't know. To announce two upcoming Be Dog Smart family-friendly events on May 19 & 20, we would like to share three videos featuring our own Rose Coffman! These short videos will give you some great tips including how to meet a dog off-leash, when not to approach a dog, and how to safely pet a dog you don't know. Use the comments section below for questions. Or, of course, always feel free to call us. You can also learn more details about these dog-smart topics and many more at our upcoming events.

The first event on May 19th will be hosted by the rescue Big Dogs Huge Paws. This will be an informative seminar featuring adoptable giant and large breed dogs.

The second event on May 20th will be a Kid Safe Dog workshop for all ages led by Rose on how to approach dogs and what signs to look for to determine if a dog wants to be pet, or not. Classes will include games and prizes and likely a visit from a four-legged friend! 

Please share with friends and family to help keep everyone safe!

When Not To Pet A Dog


How To Safely Pet A Dog


How to meet a dog off leash