Happy and Safe Halloween for Your Pets


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I don’t even need the candy. Getting to dress up and get together with friends is all I need. Even at Aurora Animal Hospital, we all dress up and have a costume contest for our animal friends and hand out safe treats. But, halloween can be dangerous for pets and I would like to share a few important safety tips to keep things fun for you and your furry friends. Try to keep your pets in a back room away from the front door and scary trick or treaters. This goes double if you are hosting a party. Even the back yard is not safe. Animals who are near the front door are likely to dash out and become disoriented in the dark with loads of trick or treaters walking the streets. Be sure you have proper ID on your pet. A microchip is best because collars easily slip off the neck of a dog pulling away from those trying to catch him.

All black cats should not be allowed outside for the weeks before and after halloween for their safety from disturbed and misguided people.

No candy or treats are safe for your pets! Chocolate is most dangerous and toxic (especially dark chocolate) as is anything with Xylitol, which is added to many candies, gums and sweets. Xylitol causes a large insulin release in dogs, which results in deadly hypoglycemia or low blood sugar and often liver failure.

Dried corn should not be displayed where a dog can eat it and develop an obstruction in their GI tract.

Costumes are considered mostly unsafe for pets, but there are some who love it! If your pet is among those who feel proud and special in costume then enjoy. But if they are sullen or trying to get out of it please don’t force them. Animals can harm themselves struggling to escape the outfit.

Lastly, be cautious where candles and pumpkins are displayed to avoid fire and burns.

Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween! Give us a call with any questions, we're here to help.